wednesday, 17th june 2015

When it comes to travelling by plane, it is never be free of delays, cancellations or denied boarding.

Of course, this is disarming and can sometimes lead to more serious consequences but a European regulation, n. 261/2004 of the 11th February 2004 is very clear on this matter.

This regulation recognizes, under the conditions specified therein, passengers' minimum rights in different situations and in particular in case of abnormally long delays but also in the event of cancellation.

It concerns all flights departing from Europe, of any company, as well as flights arriving from non-European countries that land in Europe, provided that the flight was operated by a European airline company.

Under certain conditions (flight delayed by at least 2 hours and this according to flight distance), the right to compensation is automatic.

It should be noted that the Court of Justice of the European Union has handed down a judgment in which it even recognizes a right to compensation for passengers whose flight has been delayed by more than 3 hours equivalent to the compensation given to passengers whose flight has been cancelled.

It has also been recognized that a technical problem does not constitute a case of force majeure! A real of force majeure would be a volcanic eruption or a wild strike.

This right to compensation varies from 250 to 400.00 € per passenger.